The Parts Placement Screen

How to Approve Your Parts Placement Data

1. First, visually approve the placement data for all top side parts.

If everything looks good, click on “Yes” to continue.
If not, click “No” re-upload your parts placement data to correct the problem.




2. Next, visually review the placement data for all bottom side parts.

Click “Yes” to approve.
To fix parts placement issues, click “No” to re-upload your parts placement file.


3. Your parts placement data is now approved.

That’s it! MacroFab automatically handles part rotation/orientation review.
To restart the parts placement approval process, click on “Click to review”.


Special Notes: Add any special instructions to the PCB Notes section.



Use the additional tools located to the top right of the viewer to better navigate the Parts Placement screen.

Parts View – Allows you to toggle part visibility by Approved, Unapproved, or Hide All Top or Bottom Parts.

Parts List – Allows you to view an entire list of parts in a stacked tree format. All orientation and position adjustments can be made from this screen. You can also approve and save placement information by clicking on the checkbox next to a part’s name or group’s name.

Fit View to Board – Adjusts the viewer to fit the entire board in the screen.

Full Screen Mode – Expands the viewer into full screen mode.