Adjusting Part Rotation and Placement

MacroFab’s Automated Assembly Process

MacroFab’s automated assembly process doesn’t involve traditional, expensive manual review of your parts placement data. Instead, our platform takes a streamlined self-service approach to reduce costs and increase production speed. To ensure that your PCBs are manufactured as expected, we ask that you verify part orientation and position on our Parts Placement Screen. This article will guide you through the process of using the Parts Placement Screen to accurately define the assembly instructions for your PCBs.

While we can (and do!) extract data from your XYRS file or CAD files, the rotation information stored in your EDA data only represents the change in orientation from the Library Part, and not the initial orientation used in the footprint design. It’s important that each part’s orientation and position is verified using our system prior to ordering your PCB.

*Diodes, including LEDs*

For all Diodes, please mark where the Cathode is to be placed.

The Parts Placement Verification & Correction Process

1. First, you’ll be asked whether a highlighted part on your PCB design has correct orientation and position. If the part looks correct, you can click “Yes” to proceed.



If there are multiple designators using the same part, you can approve them in bulk by clicking “Yes, to all”.




2. If the answer is “No”, you will need to adjust the orientation and position of the part using the controls shown below.




Each part will display a White Square showing where the “Pin 1” location is. For parts with only two pads, it doesn’t matter which corner the white square is on, as long as it is on the correct side of the part. You can also flip Pin 1 to the other side of the part.




If desired, you can apply the edits you made to one part to the entire group of parts. As you continue to approve parts, your progress at the top of the screen will increase until you reach 100% parts approval.


3. Use the additional tools located to the top right of the viewer to better navigate the Parts Placement screen.
Parts View – Allows you to toggle part visibility by Approved, Unapproved, or Hide All Top or Bottom Parts.

Parts List – Allows you to view an entire list of parts in a stacked tree format. All orientation and position adjustments can be made from this screen. You can also approve and save placement information by clicking on the checkbox next to a part’s name or group’s name.

Fit View to Board – Adjusts the viewer to fit the entire board in the screen.

Full Screen Mode – Expands the viewer into full screen mode.



Polarized Capacitors

For Polarized Capacitors, please mark where the Negative terminal is to be placed.

For Other Special Components

For other special components which have an explicit mark on their casings, the white square should appear in the corner closest to the actual mark on the casing.

Parts Not Having Specific Rotation

For parts that don’t need a specific rotation, such as resistors or bi-polar capacitors, you do not need to adjust their rotation, and can simply accept them as they are.

We Will Follow Your Orientation and Placement Instructions!

We will assemble your PCB according to the orientations and positions you indicate, even if they do not match the silk screen. Please take extra care to review this carefully before submitting your order!