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The MacroFab platform requires a board outline gerber file to correctly manufacture your PCB. This board outline gerber file is used to determine the extents of your PCB, calculate the size of your PCB,  and remove excess features of your PCB that extend past this border. The PCB fab uses the board outline gerber file to route out your PCB and determine where slots and other cutouts should go. More information about how this board outline gerber is interpreted can be found in this article.

Have a question about overage in PCB assembly manufacturing? Learn why this is a necessary part of the manufacturing logistics process.

The PCB Stack Up refers to the arrangement of copper layers, silkscreen, soldermask, and insulating layers that make up the PCB layout. Think of the PCB Stack Up like the order in which ingredients get placed on a burger. More information and common questions about PCB Stack Ups at MacroFab can be found in this article.