For PCB Assembly and Specification questions, visit our Capabilities page. For more detailed articles on using the MacroFab platform, visit our Knowledge Base. For everything else, please Contact Us.

We support many popular EDA tools including Eagle, Altium, PADS, KiCAD, Diptrace, and more using Gerber and Pick-and-Place data. Please see our articles about creating PCBs in the Knowledge Base for more details.

At a minimum, you will need Gerber files, and a combined bill-of-materials and pick-and-place data. Learn more on required design files and uploading your project at our Knowledge Base.

We use a specialized format that combines both the BOM and XYRS data.  Formatting details can be found at our Knowledge Base.

MacroFab is a self-service manufacturing platform and does not offer design services. However, we do partner with design firms and will be happy to refer to you someone that will best suit your needs. Please Contact Us for more information.

Currently, we offer programming services for production runs. For more information on programming PCBs during production, see the knowledge base article Programming and Testing PCB Products.

At this time no, our focus is providing affordable turnkey PCB assembly and fulfillment.

We can perform a DFM (Design for Manufacturability) check upon request as an additional service. Please Contact Us for more information.

Every order runs through our Quality Control process at the end of assembly. For more extensive testing, we are happy to test your assembled boards to your requirements. We offer in-house testing jig design and build services. For more information regarding PCB testing, please Contact Us.

Yes, we offer turnkey solutions for your product assembly, storage, and fulfillment needs.

All boards are built to IPC-610 Class 2 requirements. Every board is thoroughly inspected for Quality Control and can be tested per your requirements.

Any parts found on Mouser or DigiKey can be used on the MacroFab platform. Additionally, we offer House Parts that come with greater discounts and no labor charge.  We support SMT, PTH, and BGA components.

MacroFab carries a large number of popular parts in our warehouse, called House Parts. House Parts are exactly the same as parts purchased from large distributors, except that they are located on-premise and carry no labor charge.

Distributor Parts are parts sourced from our partners Mouser and DigiKey. To search and view these millions of part options, please visit the Bill of Materials section within your PCB project.

We support Consigned Parts for parts not supplied in-house or by our partners. You can specify consigned parts within the Bill of Materials section on your PCB project and mail us the consigned parts after placing an order.  Additionally, you may mail parts in ahead of time and build from inventory using those parts at a later date. For more information on consigning materials or building from inventory, see the knowledge base article Consigning Materials at Order Time and Building from Inventory.

The price of your boards is variable. You can see the predicted costs based on components and quantity as you edit your PCB project on MacroFab. For details on product assembly, storage, and fulfillment cost, please Contact Us.

Once your order is approved, our standard turn-around time is 15 business days for most orders. For larger or production runs, our turn-around time depends on the complexity and quantity of your order.

We are constantly improving our turn-around time and manufacturing process. Expect reduced turn-around time and options to expedite your order in the near future.

Yes, please call or email Customer Success at support@macrofab.com before placing your order to combine projects into one shipment.

We ship both domestically and internationally using UPS and USPS (US Postal Service). All orders are shipped with insurance and delivery confirmation. To view shipping quotes for your project, please proceed to the Order Now section within MacroFab.