Electronics Manufacturing and Integrated Fulfillment, The Smart Go-To-Market Plan

Electronics Manufacturing and Integrated Fulfillment

For far too long, there have been too many barriers keeping people with pioneering new product ideas from bringing their products to market. Old fashioned manufacturers are not well equipped to handle prototyping and iterative improvement, not to mention small batch runs. In most cases, hardware designers have to work with multiple parts vendors and assembly service providers, just to get the PCBs made. Product assembly, inventory management, and customer order fulfillment represent additional challenges.

Fortunately, American manufacturers have recognized this problem and are now starting to offer a whole new go-to-market approach for modern inventors. PCB manufacturing and integrated fulfillment service providers are turning the traditional manufacturing model on its head.

The idea behind PCB assembly integrated fulfillment is simple. Give small businesses, Kickstarter creators, makers, and other engineers a one-stop shop that can help take their innovation from concept to customer. Leverage cloud-based technology to simplify everything from the quote to product delivery. Keep costs low, even for small runs, and eliminate the hassle of dealing with offshore providers that don’t want this type of business anyway.

PCB integrated fulfillment

What to Expect from a PCB Manufacturing and Integrated Fulfillment Service


Circuit Board Assembly Paired with Product Manufacturing

Choosing one vendor who can assemble your PCBs and manufacture your final electronic device product is a smart way to speed time to production, eliminate sourcing hassles, and minimize communication problems that lead to production errors. Because the PCB assembly and product manufacturing take place in the same building, shipping costs, delays, and risks are a thing of the past.

Quick Quotes and Transparent Pricing

One of the big advantages of PCB assembly and integrated fulfillment is that the service provider can offer an online portal that will get you a quote for your project in minutes, as opposed to the back-and-forth, email-and-wait experience that traditional manufacturers usually provide. You simply upload your design documents and Bill of Materials, and presto, you know how much it will cost. In addition, you can do “what if” scenarios to explore your costs at higher quantities. This is a very useful capability when it comes to establishing the price for your product or determining your capital needs.

No-Hassle Prototyping and Small Runs

PCB prototyping and integrated fulfillment services welcome your prototyping project and as many iterations as you need to get exactly what you want. They can support the prototyping process at a reasonable cost by using software to combine many small orders into large ones. With this approach, the vendor can offer you low prices for any order quantity from one to 10,000.

Online Administration and Reporting

With the right PCB manufacturing and integrated fulfillment partner, you never have to wonder what is happening with your project. A cloud-based portal gives you complete visibility into the status of your order or inventory whenever you want it, from wherever you happen to be. You can resolve assembly mistakes, make changes to your BOM, and create robust reports at any time.

Cost Savings on Common Parts

Because the vendor services many PCB clients with similar parts needs, the best ones leverage their entire customer base to negotiate lower prices on commonly used parts. These quantity discounts are passed along to you when you select from the list of House Parts.

Inventory Management

By choosing a partner that supports the entire product lifecycle, you free yourself from the headache and expense of inventory storage and management. Your products are stored exactly where they were manufactured, streamlining your go-to-market approach.

Order Fulfillment, Packaging and Shipping

Unless you really want to get good at packaging and shipping, why not let your PCB integrated fulfillment partner handle it for you? Not only does this approach free you up to work on more creative and strategic endeavors, but it also further reduces costs by taking advantage of the service provider’s shipping carrier relationships.

PCB integrated fulfillment strategy

Who Should Consider a PCB Manufacturing and Integrated Fulfillment Strategy

The integrated fulfillment approach is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a product to market without the complexity of multiple service providers, the pain of sourcing, or an enormous budget. Small businesses benefit from the ability to outsource the more tactical aspects of getting products to customers. Kickstarter creators and other entrepreneurs get fast turnaround times and a partner that embraces rapid PCB prototyping and turnkey PCB assembly. Inventors of all kinds get a way to make their ideas become a reality without breaking the bank.

Whatever your vision, there’s no need to deal with an antiquated manufacturing and fulfillment model anymore. PCB assembly and integrated fulfillment is a much better approach for the vast majority of companies and inventors. With the right partner, you’ll get your products in the hands of happy customers in no time.

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