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Tips and hints for improving PCBA development.

The Ultimate PCBA Development Guide: Part I

The Ultimate PCBA Development Guide: Part I

PCBA products must be built at speed with focus and flexibility. Complex builds have to be designed and manufactured according to tested standard practices in order to be of high quality and durability.

The process of taking an idea from conception to production can be hard and lengthy if it’s not properly executed. MacroFab makes it easy with its step-by-step guide. Keep key information at your fingertips as you move forward with circuit board assembly.

The guide is divided into two parts. During the first part, we will discuss design and prototyping, focusing on topics such as

A brief overview of the product development lifecycle What you should always keep in your design documentation Checklist for ordering prototypes before placing an order Prototyping habits and practices that set you up for success in production Myths about hardware prototyping that need to be dispelled

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Step-by-step instructions for developing, prototyping, and manufacturing PCBAs

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Build better habits and achieve better results by reexamining the complicated process of designing and manufacturing PCBAs.