MF Case Study #023:

Stratocode Solutions

IntegriTech helps hospitals and ambulatory care sites improve patient care by developing technologies and services for procedure room settings. Their products and services currently support over 200 hospitals and ambulatory care sites. Stratocode Solutions is a design and applications company, located in Alabama, that specializes in hardware design, cloud infrastructure, and software development.
Andre Bourgeois, CEO of IntegriTech , had an idea for a line of products that would forever change the way doctors interact with procedure room medical equipment.

To begin to turn this idea into reality, IntegriTech partnered with Stratocode Solutions, who created a custom PCB to meet their specifications. Using MacroFab’s revolutionary software platform, Stratocode Solutions was able to have PCBs built rapidly and affordably for IntegriTech.

pcba box build


With a design in hand, Stratocode Solutions needed an economical way to build prototypes that IntegriTech could use while testing the first iteration of its GEST-OR product line.


Stratocode Solutions needed to order small batches of prototypes as a proof-of-concept before ordering larger quantities, while keeping costs down. Normally this combination would be a tall order, but with MacroFab, it was possible to get immediate pricing and place orders without any back-and-forth.


MacroFab was able to build the product, totally exceeding expectations. Soon after, a second iteration of prototypes were ordered.

I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the PC Boards that I have received from MacroFab. I can't tell you how beneficial it is to my business to be able to prototype small quantities of new ideas rapidly. — Andre Bourgeois, IntegriTech
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Our Solution

At Stratocode Solutions, Jay Owen was looking for a place to have the design he had created for Integritech built. He heard about MacroFab through an article on the internet and was intrigued. Having worked with traditional PCB manufacturing and assembly firms, he was skeptical, but hopeful, that what he was reading about MacroFab was legit.

Jay uploaded his PCB design files and BOM into MacroFab’s platform. Just a few short weeks later he had boards in hand. Soon, a second run of boards was ordered, and this time Jay used MacroFab’s post assembly services to have firmware programmed into the boards and to have the boards tested before being shipped to him.

For future orders, Jay plans to use MacroFab’s post-assembly services to program and test boards, as well as assemble them into cases, preventing him from having to perform those steps.

We have been involved in designing embedded products for the better part of 20 years. Before MacroFab came along, if you had told me that ordering PC Boards could be this simple, painless, and affordable, I would have never believed you -- not in a million years! We look forward to a long relationship with MacroFab. — Jay Owen, Stratocode Solutions


MacroFab’s elastic cloud platform enabled Stratocode Solutions to order small quantities of new product prototypes with much less effort and expense than would have been possible with the traditional PCB manufacturing industry.

IntegriTech and Stratocode Solutions have since teamed up to build another product using MacroFab, and are looking forward to more in the future.

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