MF Case Study #022:

OpenMV Cam

OpenMV began as a project to bring low-cost, customizable machine vision modules to makers and hobbyists everywhere.
When OpenMV switched to MacroFab, they saw an astounding increase in pass rates, which enabled them to ramp up production, and quickly deliver their product to worldwide customers.

Get to know the work

For years, the machine vision prototyping sector has been limited to expensive and proprietary vision development systems. The launch of the OpenMV Kickstarter changed all of this with it’s open-source, affordable solution set.


Many times, moving a product from prototype to production comes with many challenges, especially for inexperienced startups. Along the path to fulfilling orders, many operations and manufacturing questions must first be solved. The team at OpenMV needed a comprehensive manufacturing solution to get their modules to market that was affordable and reliable.


Prior to working with MacroFab, OpenMV faced many problems with other contract manufacturers, including sourcing materials, assembling PCBs, programming boards, and fulfilling orders.


OpenMV got started with MacroFab by using our self-service platform to place an initial order of ten assembled PCBs. OpenMV then took advantage of our manufacturing-as-a-service model to deliver their product in a completely automated, hands-off approach. 

Things were going really badly before working with MacroFab. We were getting an 80% failure rate. You guys saved our bacon. We've had zero failures with our new image sensor after using your service. — Kwabena Agyeman, Co-founder of OpenMV Cam

Our Solution

After months of struggling with numerous other vendors, OpenMV partnered with MacroFab to handle all aspects of electronics manufacturing to deliver a high quality end product to their customers. When OpenMV received their first batch of boards with a 100% pass rate, the company increased their next order to an entire panel of 40 PCBs. When these 40 PCBs passed inspection again, OpenMV knew they had found the right partner for their growing business.

As new orders came in for the OpenMV Cam, our automated manufacturing system handled the production, inventory and fulfillment, without any additional input from the OpenMV team. MacroFab manufactured, packaged, and fulfilled orders for over 1,000 customers, while managing the day-to-day operations of producing and delivering product. This approach left OpenMV with more time to focus on expanding their business and improving upon their product.

I can order from MacroFab, you guys manufacture the product, store inventory, and ship to customers. I don't ever have to touch my product or materials. — Kwabena Agyeman, Co-founder of OpenMV Cam


Prior to switching to MacroFab, startup, OpenMV experienced manufacturing challenges with getting their open-source cameras into production that included an 80% fail rate, problems with sourcing materials, assembly, and programming.

After partnering with MacroFab, OpenMV realized a 100% pass rate; as a result, their customers were happy, and they were able to ramp up production. OpenMV used our online platform – to upload their files, receive quotes in real time and manage their inventory. Our tool saved them time, and eliminated manufacturing headaches, so they could focus on achieving their business goals.

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