MF Case Study #050:

CenTex Paranormal

CenTex is a startup based in Central Texas that engineers Environmental Detection Instruments for paranormal enthusiasts.
CenTex Paranormal was founded after an experience led two brothers to search for a device that could scientifically prove that what happened to them was real.

Get to know the work:

The Lyons brothers decided to combine their skills to develop an Environmental Detection Instrument (EDI) at a fraction of the cost of other detectors.


After completing their design and defining exactly what features they wanted their EDI to have, the Lyons’ began searching for a manufacturer that could partner with them to produce small quantities at an affordable rate.


The traditional manufacturers the Lyons brothers were contacting refused to produce low quantities at affordable prices.


What they found in MacroFab was a manufacturer who could first help them test and iterate on their product cost-effectively, and manufacture on-demand without minimum orders.


MacroFab can make small order quantities without making a big deal about it. They can make less than a hundred for us without a problem. — Michael Lyons, CenTex Paranormal
CenTex Paranormal EDI

Our Solution

With MacroFab, CenTex Paranormal was able to upload their design files, select their components, and get instant quotes based on their desired quantities. Not only was their process of ordering simplified, CenTex Paranormal also relied on MacroFab to do full box build assembly. CenTex Paranormal had all of the components assembled by the MacroFab team. These included:

  • Software programming
  • Hardware
  • Final packaging

This turnkey process enabled CenTex Paranormal to focus on marketing and growing their business, rather than working with multiple vendors along each step of production

In the future, CenTex Paranormal will continue to manufacture their EDI devices using MacroFab’s automated, cloud-manufacturing and delivery platform. MacroFab’s inventory tracking and storing capabilities ensure that the brothers won’t need to account for inventory overheard or resource-planning costs. Through MacroFab, CenTex Paranormal will continue to take control of their manufacturing by automating their operations process, giving the Lyons brothers time to perfect their product and design new products for paranormal enthusiasts.

That really was the major reason we chose MacroFab – the elimination of the hassle that we faced with traditional manufacturers. — Michael Lyons, CenTex Paranormal


Michael and Zak Lyons are paranormal enthusiasts and started their company when they couldn’t find a product on the market that was affordable and met all of their specifications. The brothers decided to design and manufacture their own EDIs, and sell them to other enthusiasts who wanted to capture paranormal activity without paying a lot of money for equipment.

MacroFab helped the brothers keep their manufacturing costs low for their small order quantities, so they could keep their product affordable thereby meeting their customers’ needs.


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