MF Case Study #014:

Arachnid Labs

Arachnid Labs is a UK-based startup that builds tools and products for electrical engineers.
Nick Johnson, founder of Arachnid Labs, launched the Re:Load Pro active load and the Tsunami signal generator on Kickstarter to help validate the need for his products.

Get to know the work:

After successfully raising funds for these projects, Arachnid Labs selected MacroFab to manufacture, program, assemble, and deliver orders to customers all over the world. Thanks to MacroFab’s end-to-end manufacturing and operations services, Nick Johnson was able to offload his business operations and focus on what he does best – designing and developing new products for electrical engineers.


When Nick Johnson, founder of Arachnid Labs, successfully raised funds for his Re:Load Pro and Tsunami projects on Kickstarter, he began looking for manufacturers in the United States that could manufacture, assemble, and deliver to global customers at an affordable cost.


Arachnid Labs also needed to prototype in small batches before scaling up to full production runs, all at a price that made sense for a small startup. Nick discovered MacroFab and its suite of cloud-based manufacturing services, which allowed him to get instant quotes and place orders immediately without ever having to email or pick up the phone.


MacroFab helped Arachnid Labs prototype their products and deliver large production run orders to customers all around the world.

The large degree of automation allows me to get a price and timeline for any quantity of PCBs very quickly, without having to wait to get a quote back. I can’t emphasize enough how useful this is. MacroFab continues to expand the scope of the automation, so I can now do fulfillment entirely through an automated UI as well. — Nick Johnson, Co-founder of Arachnid Labs

Our Solution

Nick Johnson got started by using MacroFab’s self-service platform to upload his PCB design files to place his first batch of prototype orders. MacroFab assembled and delivered his prototype orders to the United Kingdom without any back-and-forth discussion on quotes, parts, or assembly instructions. Uploading and ordering his prototypes was a breeze with MacroFab.

After perfecting his design and ensuring that his products worked as intended, Nick Johnson was ready to move his prototype into full production. With just a flew clicks, Nick saw his manufacturing quote and bulk savings in realtime.

By massively reducing the burden on me of doing new runs of existing designs, as well as prototypes of new designs, it lets me spend a lot more time doing the stuff I enjoy and am good at, like designing and improving products. — Nick Johnson, Co-founder of Arachnid Labs


As new orders come in for Arachnid Labs, MacroFab’s automated manufacturing system handles the rest. MacroFab takes over the day-to-day operations of assembling, programming, and delivering product to Arachnid Labs’ customers, leaving Nick with more time to focus on new product development and improvements upon his existing product lineup.

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