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Smashing Text in Eagle’s Symbol Editor

By default Eagle does not allow you to change the font on symbols for parts. Here’s a quick ULP script that copies the pin names on the symbol and rewrites the names as plain text, enabling you to move the names and change the text properties to make them easier to read or customize based on your needs.

Symbol before running the script.
Symbol after running the script.

You can download the ULP from our Github EDALibrary repository. Remember that this ULP script should be run in the Schematic Editor, not the Board Editor.

By editing lines 24 to 32 in the script you can change the font and font size used.

sprintf(h, "Change Layer 97;\n");  
sprintf(h, "Change Font Vector;\n");  
sprintf(h, "Change Ratio 8;\n");  
sprintf(h, "Change Align center-left;\n");  
sprintf(h, "Change Size 0.04;\n");  

In the future I will make these options available via drop down or text inputs in a popup dialog box. If you change the name of the pin after smashing, the text does not update so the script will have to be run again.