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Nordic NRF52832 SoC chip

Red Hot PCB: Mapping technology for indoor environments

This week’s Red Hot PCB operates the world’s only turnkey indoor location platform that digitizes any indoor space and automatically creates 3D models and floor plans.

From our assembly line, we have the Decawave designed by Innerspace. InnerSpace uses these items to automatically generate maps, and precisely locate people and items throughout an indoor environment:

  • Cutting-edge mapping technology
  • Smartphone-compatible sensors, and
  • Machine learning


Innerspace PCBn enclosure

Here we see the Decawave being placed into a Johnny5.


These boards contain a DMW100 and a NRF52832 that act as both a tag and an anchor for asset tracking. The Decawave DMW1000 is controlled by a processor embedded into the Nordic NRF52832 SoC chip which allows features such as, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Ultra-wide band (UWB), and a cortex M4 microprocessor. The Decawave is placed into a “Johnny5” (enclosure) that collects spatial analytics, giving owners the ability to manage how their space is used.

Thanks to Bavly with Innerspace for his contribution on this week’s post!

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