Red Hot PCB: IoT in the Oilfield

Iris Weeden |   |  IoT, manufacture PCB, oilfield technology, pcb assembly, pcb assembly usa

JTP Systems is a tech company, bringing IoT technology to the oilfield. In this weeks Red Hot PCB, we’re showcasing their board that is designed to help increase production and decrease downtime by proving real time pumping unit monitoring. This PCB was designed to be a part of JTP data collection process and features sensors, power transformation and connectors to interface with external devices.

Their unified hardware and software platform simplifies the collection and distribution of data from a multitude of oil wells. To maximize insights, they apply powerful artificial intelligence algorithms and implement data analytics best practices. This unique approach allows their customers to make unbiased decisions on increasing production and reducing downtime.

JTP device attached to the polished rod of an oil well.

Thank you to Pedro Borges with JTP Systems for his contributions to this week’s post.

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