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Red Hot PCB: High Performance Audio DAC

The ApplePi DAC is an ultra-high performance I2S DAC hat for the Raspberry Pi created by Orchard Audio. The PCB is used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi to create an ultra-high performance music player. This product provides audio quality at a price point that is currently not available in the market.
For less than $250 (ApplePi + Raspberry Pi) you can achieve performance currently only available at $750+ USD. In addition, ApplePi DAC eliminates the need for pre-amplifiers, saving even more money. Orchard Audio’s ApplePi DAC is the most advanced and highest performance sound card hat for the Raspberry Pi.
Leo Ayzenshtat, the designer of the ApplePi DAC, struggled for years to find a high quality home sound system at a reasonable price. He combined three of his passions- DIY, audio, and PCB design- to create his own board.
After working with the Raspberry Pi since its creation many years ago, he already had a strong DAC designed. So he thought: what if I can downsize it using the latest technologies and improve performance, while at the same time making an audiophile-grade product that is affordable? The result was the ApplePi DAC. It took 6+ months to develop and finalize the design.
You can purchase this DAC here: ApplePi DAC

Thank you Leo Ayzenshtat for your contribution to this Red Hot PCB article!

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