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Supply Chain Update for Q1: 10-Day Service Restored, Chip Shortages, and Weather-Related Delays

The first two months of 2021 have been a roller coaster ride for the PCBA supply chain. In line with our earlier guidance, Lunar New Year and the beginning of the vaccine rollout caused a spike in lead times that is still in the process of easing back to normal. Also at play are widespread semiconductor delays that have affected many industries by inflating lead times and prices for PCBA components.

Lead Time Updates

One of the major unanticipated events for Q1 was the unseasonably cold weather that passed through Texas that caused most of the state to lose power for up to several days. While our factory network continued to operate, delivery flow to our distribution center in Houston and some of our Texas-based factories were affected. For a good portion of Texas, power was restored last Thursday, and delivery services are now catching up with their backlog of shipments. Here is what you should know moving forward:

  • 10-day service is immediately available, now that the Lunar New Year celebrations in Asia have concluded.

  • Our other service levels will continue to see higher than normal lead times for 1-2 more weeks as many of our supply chain partners were affected by the statewide power outages. Shipping companies working through their backlog of late deliveries will also determine how quickly we can restore faster lead times.

  • As always, the automatically generated lead times in the platforms are the best real-time projection of achievable lead times.

Final Word

On a positive note, the power outages highlight one of the benefits of working with MacroFab. Despite a widespread power outage in Texas, our cloud-based platform continued to facilitate automated quoting and uninterrupted order placement. Further, our factory network of over 70 factories across the continent enabled us to continue to manufacture products despite some of the Texas factory capacity experiencing delays. Any supply chain reliant on fixed factory capacity would experience a significant backlog in lead times, and our distributed manufacturing model limited the number of delays to a minimum. Thank you for being patient as we work to get all deliveries flowing as soon as possible. 

If you have any additional questions about this update, please contact support@macrofab.com

Thank you, and we appreciate you being a MacroFab customer.


Joey Rodriguez
Director of Product Management, MacroFab