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Platform Update: MacroFab Redefines How Hardware Product Companies Get Work Done

Finding new ways to work with our teammates has been a new skill that many of us have learned over the past year of distributed teams and remote work. While working collaboratively is nothing new for teams at software companies, there are unique challenges faced by teams that are focused on bringing hardware products to market quickly and keeping production schedules running smoothly.

Despite electronics manufacturing being a high-tech industry, the process by which teams collaborate to get products made relies on inefficient tools and processes. The stakes couldn’t be higher, which is why we are proud to introduce the MacroFab Team Accounts & Collaborative Tools release that redefines how work gets done and addresses some of the long-standing sources of frustration in manufacturing like:

Missed Deadlines 

Are you still using phone calls, emails, texting, in-person meetings, and ERP software to send design files, work instructions, and purchase orders between your Engineering and Supply Chain teams and your Contract Manufacturer? It’s a miracle that anything gets manufactured on time.

With this new release, teams can now use MacroFab’s free Cloud Manufacturing Platform to collaborate and self-organize their team members using simple role-based permissions. Once teams are set up, your Engineers can click a button and send a purchase request to their Supply Chain teammates, all within the MacroFab Platform. This drastically reduces inefficiencies and the chance of missing product shipment deadlines. 

Supply chain image

The Wrong Data

Even if your team is excellent at hitting deadlines, there is always a chance of manufacturing delays or quality issues due to incorrect or out-of-date data. Mishaps happen when the wrong files or information are exchanged between team members, then sent to your Contract Manufacturer. 

Teams can now leverage the MacroFab Platform’s purchase request tools to control the source of truth for production and ensure that any request for purchase to your Supply Chain team uses the specific files and designs intended by your Engineers. Your Supply Chain team will then have a purchase request tool to manage pending requests instead of getting lost in their inbox.


Supply chain form

Organizing Your IP and Keeping it Safe

Once you send over your company’s IP, like design files and work instructions, to a traditional contract manufacturer, how do you manage the latest versions and ensure your IP is kept safe amongst your teammates and the manufacturer?

Teams can now use MacroFab’s role-based permission system to keep your team in control of your company’s IP on our platform. For example, Admins can assign some teammates the ability to specify technical details, while other teammates might be strictly focused on procurement and shouldn’t ever modify technical details. Companies of all sizes now have the flexibility to empower your team while getting a handle on your IP based on your unique organizational structure.

Examples of Team roles including Supply Chain and Engineer.

We’re eager for you to get started using our new collaboration tools. If you’d like to learn more about how to start setting up your free MacroFab Team account and inviting members, read our Getting Started article or contact our Sales team.