national manufacturing day, nmd

October 7 is MFG Day!

nmd chip

The United States celebrates National Manufacturing Day today, which promotes awareness about the abundance of employment and career opportunities available in manufacturing. The 4.0 revolution continues to transform our world, driving a growing demand for skilled workers to manufacture the PCBAs that power today’s digital technologies.

For over nine years, MacroFab has been redefining the way printed circuit boards are designed, built, and manufactured. Through our cloud manufacturing platform, flexible assembly lines, and the diverse electronic products we deliver to our customers, our technologies have made a positive impact on manufacturing, the country, and the world.

nmd worker

The people who keep MacroFab’s manufacturing operations running each day (on National Manufacturing Day and every day) are to be sincerely thanked, both here in the USA and on our factory lines in Mexico and Canada. MacroFab’s manufacturing workforce plays an important role in keeping our world moving forward through PCBA manufacturing, and we are extremely proud to be a part of it.

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