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MEP EP#86: Don’t Try This At Home

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Annika O’Brien
Make Robots, Not War

Podcast Notes

  • Houston Hardware and Engineering Meetup is next Wednesday. RSVP today!
  • Annika O’Brien
    • Founder and driving force behind both the LA Robotics Club and Houston Robotics Club
    • Focus on creating communities for people of all ages who have an interest in learning more about Robotics and Electronics
  • Houston Robotics Club
    • Working on getting 501c3 status (non-profit)
    • Will provide outreach and free mentor-ship programs to any child interested in robotics
    • About 100 active users
    • Shout Out to TX/RX for generally being awesome and hosting the Robotics Club
  • Landmine Tracking Robotics
    • Symbiobots
    • Communicates with rats that can smell TNT
    • Piper the robot sees the rat’s dance and will tag the landmine
    • Will eventually drill into landmines to inject environmentally safe gel that will biodegrade TNT

Figure 1: Annika O'brien
Figure 1: Annika O’brien
Figure 2: Drawing of Piper the robot.
Figure 2: Drawing of Piper the robot.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!