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MEP EP#77: The IdeaFab Podcast

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Runtime: (01:09:54)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

The Idea Tank Podcast
Scott Hansen
Eric Benzenhoefer

Podcast Notes

  • July Hardware & Electronics Engineering Meetup by MacroFab & Mouser Electronics event is live! Come grab some food, beer, and socializing if you’re in the Houston area.
  • Everyone gets Zimas!
  • This is our second podcast mashup, our first one was with the Amp Hour
  • Idea Tank Idea’s
    • Scooterfy
      • Last mile transportation is the hardest problem to solve for mass transit
      • Scooterfy is a way to convert electric skateboards to a scooter so it takes less skill to ride
      • Casey Neistat makes riding electric skateboards look easy
      • What about a scooter cooler but with a brief case? It would be the business trim package
      • Patent of the inflatable motorcycle helmet
  • MEP Idea’s
    • Stephen wants to be the first actual Space Pirate….Radio Host
      • Went as far as testing out solid rocket fuel
      • Hardest part is getting a satellite in orbit without anyone knowing
      • Sealand: Bates seized it from a group of pirate radio broadcasters in 1967 with the intention of setting up his own station at the site
        • Maybe they are interested in becoming space pirate radio operators?
    • Space Elevator? What about a Space Escalator!
    • Parker has a series of silly ideas
      • Urn This: Payment plan to cremate your loved ones – Costs and Arm and a Leg
      • everKittens: GMO cats that never grow past being kittens
      • Belt Buckle Badges for conferences and DEFCON
      • Rapid package delivery using cruise missiles
      • Uber for cables
      • Rapid pizza cooler
  • R.F.O. (Rapid Fire Opinions)
  • Kickstarter Court

Figure 1: Parker, Eric, Scott, Stephen
Figure 1: Parker, Eric, Scott, Stephen “enjoying” the Zimas.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!