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MEP EP#61: Internet of Teddies

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Runtime: (26:32)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • We would love to hear from our listeners. Tell us what you think, your current projects, any topics you would like us to cover, or just say “hello”. To reach us follow us on Twitter or send us an email at
  • MacroFab and Mouser Electronics have teamed up to create a free monthly meetup in Houston (April 26th) for anyone involved with hardware & electronics engineering or manufacturing. Hosted on the last Wednesday of every month, these meetups are designed to build a community of professionals who want to learn from one another, gain new insights on emerging electronics technologies, and expand their network.
    • Sign up here!
    • What to expect
      •  Networking
      • Fireside chats with Q&A
      • Individual project sharing and discussion
      • Door prizes
      • Refreshments
  • Parker
    • Spooky Pinball LVDS controller for the Raspberry Pi 3
      • As mentioned it uses DS90C365A LVDS converter
      • Current 5V regulator was a bit weak on power so Parker is upgrading to a LM1085ISX-5.0/NOPB which can handle 3A.
      • LCD is a LP156WH4-TLN2-LG. Single Channel LVDS 1366×786 resolution.
      • See Figure 1.
    • Started work on a RPI Compute Module board with the LVDS on board.
    • If anyone is interested, Parker is thinking of doing a kickstarter for it.
  • Stephen
    • Science museum project is underway. Full test to be running after the podcast.
    • Synth is coming along. 50% complete! See Figure 2.
  • Rapid Fire Opinion
    • Cuddle Cub
      • IoT Teddy Bear? Internet of Teddies.
      • Tracks kids movement and helps get your kids to bed?
      • “Not only is Cuddle Cub great for kids, but great for parents as well! Be in control and in the loop for every night’s bedtime adventure, giving you the extra time you deserve!”
    • Google Patent for Creepy Teddy Bear
    • SpaceX is breaking space flight history as we record
      • First orbital class rocket to be relaunched a second time
    • Tooth Tunes by Joe Grand
      • Replaces the original Tooth Tunes electronics with a custom audio player circuit, empowering the user to play any song of their choosing.
      • Video of it in action.

Figure 1: Parker's LVDS converter board for the Raspberry Pi 3 in action!
Figure 1: Parker’s LVDS converter board for the Raspberry Pi 3 in action!
Figure 2: Front panel for the Synth.
Figure 2: Front panel for the Synth.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!