MEP EP#60: It’s a she, right?

Podcast Notes

  • JOSH is our guest this week
    • Owner of Abbadad Productions
    • Owner of Castle Bravo Studios
    • Founder of V33R Technologies
    • Owner of the Space Echo RE-201
  • Audio Engineer behind the recording of the MacroFab Engineering Podcast
  • V33R technologies creates virtual reality environments for viewing real estate
    • Created intuitive methods for navigating a 3d virtual space
  • Podcast is recorded in Castle Bravo Studios
    • Located in the old post office bomb shelter
  • Rig Astley – A fully functional recording studio in a portable format
  • RE-201 Space Echo Unit will be done soon (We promise JOSH!)
  • JOSH’s favorite mic pre is the Groove Tubes Vipre

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!

Download: MP3
RSS Feed: Link
Twitter: @MacroFab

Runtime: (1:01:19)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Image result for josh moore city church

Figure 1: JOSH


Figure 2: JOSH’s Rack Rig (Rig Astley) in Castle Bravo


Figure 3: Groove Tubes Vipre one of JOSH’s favorite pieces of gear

  • João Assunção

    Just to say that I really enjoyed the episode. It was fun to listen to Josh talk about his professional career even if it is not EE related.
    Keep up with good work guys. Your podcasts make my weekend household chores a lot less boring.

  • Alijah Ballard

    Is there a URL for the microphone kit mentioned as a gift to Josh.