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MEP EP#270: Radio Frequency Eyeballs

Podcast Notes

  • Cool XLR connector with a smart method of assembly
    • NC3MD-H-BAG
    • NC3FD-H-B
    • XLR with two parts –  one for mounting to the enclosure and the actual connector.
    • Assemble separately – allows you to test the electronics on the board
    • Insert and turn a small screw and lock the connector to the body
  • Keysight scopes are now “dark mode” 
    • Jeff Keyzer comment on Twitter
    • It is like the evolution of PC cases for test equipment
  • Chipmakers are hustling to make auto chips–and say it’s not a hustle
    • Some resellers have resorted to buying up used chipmaking gear by stalking old factories in the U.S., Japan and Europe and waiting for them to close in hopes of purchasing the gear inside. 
    • Chips used in braking and engine systems are typically made using older tech that is sufficient to meet automaker reliability requirements, while newer infotainment and assisted driving technologies require modern chips made in cutting-edge chip factories.
  • New American Chip Fabs

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!