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MEP EP#210: Valentina Toll Villagra and Kyle Dumont with

Podcast Notes

Kyle Dumont

  • Experienced electronics designer having launched consumer products at large companies and startups for over 7 years
  • Has developed low volume products for government and military applications and high volume commercial products

Valentina Toll Villagra

  • Project Manager exploring the intersection of physical and digital systems at Allspice
  • Worked at Amazon expanding its national customer fulfillment network and rolling out internal productivity, collaboration and project management software applications to support the company’s growth

  • Rundown of the platform
  • Where did the name come from
  • How did it begin?
    • The word “Agile” gets thrown around a lot.
    • Mechanical engineers have 3D printing and Software developers have great design and test tools.
  • What are your roles?
    • Kyle – Development, strategy
    • Valentina – Operations, customer success, marketing, product
  • How big is the team?
  • How does Allspice affect the engineer? The manager?
  • Diff control? How is this implemented?
  • Launch and the future?
    • When does it launch?
    • Are there plans to expand the offerings to other EDA tools?
    • What is next?

Valentina Toll Villagra and Kyle Dumont of

Valentina Toll Villagra and Kyle Dumont of

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!