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MacroFab Roundup for Week 16 of 2018

Welcome back everyone! This week on the MacroFab Roundup: Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Bode Plots, Secret Space Planes, and Ikea Furniture

Interesting Links and Articles

MacroFab Engineering Podcast

This week on the MEP EP#116: Standard-ish, Stephen explains how to use an oscilloscope as a dynamic signal analyzer and Parker follows up on the plans for the Gameboy VGA project that still has not been finished. Listen here.

MacroFab Platform Updates

  • Improved UI interaction on the Bill of Materials portion of the PCB Interface
  • Improving part search returns

MacroFab IRL Events

  • Twitter Chat Info
    • Join Parker on Twitter every Friday with #MacroFab to talk about PCB design, assembly, and the latest hashtags
    • April 27th Friday at 1PM CST
  • Hardware & Electronics Engineering Meetup by MacroFab & Mouser Electronics
  • Houston Hardware Happy Hour
    • 6PM CST on May 3rd at Slowpokes
    • First Thursday of each month
    • Bring hacks and hang out