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MacroFab Roundup for September 7th, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This week on the MacroFab Roundup: Banned Beer Robots, Text messaging over LoRa, USB Type-C development boards, I2C protocols, and hand soldering small SMT parts.

Interesting Links and Articles

  • Hand soldering a WLCSP package
    • Dead bug style soldering a 1.555 by 1.403mm 12 ball WLCSP ATtiny20
    • WLCSP is a wafer level packing technique that is basically the finished MCU die with some pads under it
    • Check out Mitxela’s blog which has loads of other cool projects
  • If you thought 01005 chip part package size was small….
    • Murata Electronics released some 008004 package sizes for capacitors
    • The first two digits in Murata part numbers are the case code identification
      • GRM0115C1E5R0CE01L
      • 01 is not included in the Murata datasheet at this time (see pg 5)
      • Do you think Mitxela can hand solder this part?
  • Off-Grid LoRa Texting Transceivers
    • LoRa is a wireless technology that allows low bandwidth data transmission over moderately long distances
    • This device allows you to connect your cellphone via wifi to a LoRa transceiver and by using a custom application allows long distance texting to another LoRa connected device
  • USB-C Explorer
  • The I2C Bus: When to Use an I2C Buffer
    • The I2C protocol is a widely used bus that is very flexible
    • There is a maximum bus capacitance of 400pF and exceeding this causes the rising and falling edge of the signals to fall out of specifications
    • To mitigate this problem the article covers different ways to extend the bus
  • U.S. Senator Bans Funding for Beerbots That Don’t Exist
    • MIT researchers built a “beer serving robot” to demonstrate the coordination of multiple robots operating together without being able to communicate with each other
    • This project was used as an example of wasteful spending by the defense budget
    • The research on using robotics to solve real world logistics problems is sound but maybe MIT should push research projects to be closer to the intention of the research instead of “beerbots”

MacroFab Engineering Podcast

This week on MEP EP #136: Classy NASCAR Badgelife, Stephen creates a new blog and starts documenting his projects and Parker pitches a SDR based car radio.

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