MacroFab Roundup for May 18th, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This week on the MacroFab Roundup: Multimeter shootout, talking bananas, and picking the right pull up resistor.

Interesting Links and Articles

  • Pocket Multimeter Shootout
    • EEVblog #1083 – Pocket Multimeter Shootout
    • Dave Jones tears down 14 multimeters of various price points to compare the build quality and feature sets
    • Doesn’t include the Multimeter you can sometimes get from Harbor Freight for free with a coupon, link to previous tear down
  • Appnote: Core Independent Nightlight Using Configurable Custom Logic on ATtiny1617
    • Driving WS2812b LEDs without using the core MCU on a PIC
    • Save CPU cycles by configuring the Configurable Custom Logic to drive external sensors and serial LEDs
    • Drives down part count on your circuit
  • TLE984x Infineon® Embedded Power IC
    • ARM Cortex-M0 MCU with built in relay drivers, high side switchers, and power supply for 12V operation
    • Reduce part count for automotive environments that require “smart” components
    • I wonder how you develop for this platform; I am not well versed in the ARM core MCU field
    • Evaluation board is a bit pricey for hobbyist
  • Drone Stringing Transmission Lines
    • Sock line pulling some of the largest transmission lines in the United States with a drone
  • I made a talking bananaUseless Duck Company
    • An animatronic dancing banana that reads out twitch live stream chat
    • Ended up catching fire at one point
  • What’s So Difficult About Diodes?
    • Quick article with examples of good and bad silkscreen markings for diodes on PCB boards
    • Check out the article I wrote about diode silkscreen markings!
  • Neural Networks Using Doom Level Creator Like It’s 1993
    • Using neural networks and previously designed levels to create new levels that are AI generated
    • Interesting it seems the tiny details that humans tended to include in good levels are omitted from the AI generated
    • This probably stems from what defines a “good” level to be subjective
    • Maybe implement a gamer feedback system, vote good or not and further expand the training set of the AI?
  • Picking a Pull-Up Resistor
    • Bald Engineer goes into the math and reasoning when choosing pull up resistors for your circuit
  • Open Source Calculator Teaches us about Quality Documentation
    • Numworks has great documentation for the software and hardware of this graphing calculator
    • Possible build for the podcast, see how good the documentation is and how far an individual can really get when building something like this
    • Github repository
    • Not seeing where the board/pcb files are at

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This week on the MEP EP#120: Mastery of Skills and Wonder, Parker and Stephen chat about the recent Nintendo Switch hack and Stephen moving to Colorado.

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