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MacroFab Roundup for June 29th, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This week on the MacroFab Roundup: Fortran, crimping connectors, ToorCamp badges, super efficient mosfets, and automotive connectors.

Interesting Links and Articles

  • Rainbow Jellyfish PCB
    • Cute PCB design using bread board jumpers.
  • Fortran is still a thing
    • NASA is running a code optimization competition for a Navier-Stokes equation that is programmed in Fortran
    • Article goes over the strengths of the Fortran language and why it is still used
  • Good in a Pinch: The Physics of Crimped Connections
    • Why crimp connectors are better then soldering connectors
    • Covers the history of crimp connectors and the different kinds of crimps
    • The only down side to crimping connectors is having to buy specific dies and crimp tools that are generally expensive
  • ToorCamp 2018 Badge
    • Badge design for ToorCamp 2018 which is a open air, tech camping event
    • The badge is setup as a DIY solder project
    • Parts are stored in a mason like jar and after the PCB is assembled the PCB is used as the lid of the jar
    • Mimics fireflies in a jar
    • Programming Jig on twitter for the MSP430 mcu
  • Si7157DP low R(on) mosfet
    • P-channel fet with a R(on) of 0.0016 ohms
    • 20V at 60A continuous in a SO-8 footprint
  • DRB12-128PAE-L018 automotive bulkhead
    • Interesting bulkhead fittings that have anywhere from 48 to 128 pin counts
    • Flange pieces make it easy to mount the bulkhead/firewall
    • Bolt design holds the connector together for high vibration environments
  • Tracksoar launch tomorrow at 10am PST

MacroFab Engineering Podcast

This week on the MEP EP #126: Space Engineering, Stephen picks an enclosure for the uTracer project and Parker gets a new Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

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