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MacroFab Roundup for July 20th, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This week on the MacroFab Roundup: DARPA, Lithium battery charging, Scientology, and Relay coil suppression.

Interesting Links and Articles

  • DARPA Plans a Major Remake of U.S. Electronics
    • DARPA is investing $1.5 billion into EDA and chip level manufacturing in the United States
  • Small Multicell USB Type C Charger
    • Using USB Type C to charge a high powered lithium battery pack aimed at charging drones and other RC vehicles
    • A Cypress CCG2 is used to do the negotiation of the USB power delivery specification to allow up to 100W of power
    • The TI BQ40Z60RHBT handles managing the charging of the lithium batteries
  • The Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
    • An A.I. should be “raised” in the same way a child is
    • Humans are generally trained to do a task but they also act as a responsible person
    • The idea would be to avoid the “Paperclip maximizer
  • The Mark-Super-7 Quantum E-Meter
    • A teardown by Play with Junk of a piece of Scientology Technology
    • Inside is some very interesting engineering design choices
    • It is surprisingly built very well
    • An application note that covers the problems of snubbing the transient voltage spikes from the coils in relays
    • The normal way to shunt this voltage spike is to place a general purpose diode across the coil
    • However, this method can slow down the armature inside the relay and cause it to “weld” to the contacts and wear faster
    • Near optimum suppression can be achieved with an in series Zener diode with the general purpose diode
  • How To Minimize Sensing Measurement Error
    • How to reduce noise in sensing application with op-amps
    • Compares a low noise op-amp verse a standard op-amp

MacroFab Engineering Podcast

This week on MEP EP #129: Trebuchet VS Opamps, Stephen and Parker reminisce about building trebuchets and break down the A/C control module electrical schematic.

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