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MacroFab Roundup for September 28th, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This week on the MacroFab Roundup: Lithium Ceramic Batteries, Custom PCB Thickness, OpenPNP, Shipping Cars Vertically, and a new Parallax Propeller?

Interesting Links and Articles

  • Testing LCBs (Lithium Ceramic Batteries)
    • Flexible and safe batteries that might enable the next wave of wearable devices and IoT
    • Can be bent and cut with no dangerous failure modes
    • Downsides compared to typical Lithium Ion batteries are
      • More expensive
      • Less Power Density
      • Low current supply ability
  • PCB Options: Custom PCB Thickness
    • For PCB designers that require thinner or thicker PCBs then the standard 1.6mm, we here at MacroFab offer the ability to specify customized PCB thicknesses
  • OpenPnP + CHMT36VA Driver First Demo
    • OpenPnP is an open source pick and place with software and hardware designs that users can modify
    • The OpenPnP software will also run existing commercial machines
    • The CHMT36VA is a small, low cost desktop Pick and Place
      • Typically with these Chinese Pick and Places the software is junk, thus OpenPnP should be a massive improvement
  • PCB Stack Up Knowledge Base Article
    • Learn more about PCB Stack Ups and the Materials that go into making FR4 based PCBs
  • Vertical Car Shipping
    • To cut costs on shipping, the 1971 Vega Chevrolet was designed to be shipped vertically instead of horizontally on all 4 wheels
    • The “Vert-A-Pac” shipping system allowed 30 cars to be shipped versus 18 that a normal boxcar could carry
    • The Chevy Vega has special baffles and vents designed to allow such shipping methods
  • Parallax has a working Propeller 2?
    • The original Propeller P8X32A MCU is an 8 core MCU that was released in 2006
    • The new Propeller has been plagued with manufacturability problems but it seems that Parallax finally sorted that out

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This week on MEP EP #139: Breaking Bad Taps – Stephen and Parker discuss removing broken taps and what to do about old forgotten projects.

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