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How to Kickstart Your Electronic Product

Being a successful electronics Kickstarter creator can be quite a journey. There will be hard work, sweat, tears, and a little bit of madness. There may be a lot to do, but making sure you have quality printed circuit board assembly can take a lot of that stress out of the way. So where do you begin? DIY or do you hire a manufacturer? In this introduction, we give you some tips to make your kickstarter as successful as possible.

If manufacturing electronics is a new thing for you, it can be super overwhelming. Sometimes you can wait forever for assembly quotes that make you want to cry. Other times, you may find that there is a minimum quantity, which is way more than you need for the prototyping phase. These can be steep learning curves. 

Lucky for you, we’ve got this.

There are some amazing companies out there way ahead of the curve, and they are taking a new approach to crowdfunding. This approach is centered around being flexible, totally transparent, and cost-effective for you.

Over 34,000 technology-based projects have brought in almost $720 million in crowdfunding on Kickstarter since 2009. We’ve helped numerous companies bring their campaign to life, such as Specdrums,, Rabid Prototypes, OpenMV Cam, and more.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about some key things to help you Kickstart the right way. From questions to ask and plans of attack to master, to tips and tricks to help you kickstart your product the right way. Be sure to check out our How to Start a Kickstarter Guide for a quick overview of all things Kickstarter manufacturing.

It’s time to launch your idea.
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