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MEP EP#56: Hacking Guitar Amps

Parker Dillmann |   |  3D printer, contact Cleaner, electrical engineering, Greatest Resistor In The World, HDC1080, Kano Kroil, MacroFab, macrofab engineering podcast, MEP, national engineers week, Nu-Trol, Podcast, Ti

MEP EP#55: Unnecessary Engineering

Parker Dillmann |   |  Greatest Resistor In The World, MacroFab, MEP, Open PLC, Podcast, Solar Roadways, SparkFun, SparkX, Spooky Pinball, Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal, Thyristor

MEP EP#54: Stay Hydrated While Gaming

Parker Dillmann |   |  Capacitors, Emulated Floppy, Footprint Files, Jeep Radio, MacroFab, Matched Transistors, MEP, Niobium, Podcast, pwning noobs, Razer Chroma Mug, RGB LEDs, Samsung Battery, Stay Hydrated While Gaming, Surface of Venus, Sythn, TDS520, Tektronic

MEP EP#53: Aditya and Mijael of Kinetic with “The Device”

Parker Dillmann |   |  Aditya Bansal, Intel Edison, Kinetic, MacroFab, MEP, Mijael Damian, Podcast, The "Device"

MEP EP#52: Anti Fitbits

Parker Dillmann |   |  Diodes Silkscreen, ESP8266, ESPlorer, FX Dev Board, Greatest Resistor In The World, IoT Beer, LED Clock, MacroFab, MEP, Mouser, Never Trust The Autorouter!, PLC, Podcast, pololulululullu, SparkFun, Synthesizer

MEP EP#51: No Flex Allowed

Parker Dillmann |   |  AutoDesk, Binned LEDs, Eagle, FX Dev Board, Jeep Radio, MacroFab, MEP, Mounting Holes, PLC, Podcast, SAIM, Silicon Die Formation, Super Caps

MEP EP#50: The FX Development Board has landed!

Parker Dillmann |   |  Alexa Killswitch, Conference McConference Face, FX Dev Board, Its Gif not Jif...., MacroFab, MEP, Peeqo, Podcast, Space Echo, The Hertz Locker, The Thunder Ohm

MEP EP#49: Blinding LEDs and Bypass Capacitors of Another Kind.

Parker Dillmann |   |  Blinded by the light, bypass capacitors, Conference McConference Face, Gigafactory, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Poll for names, Razer's Project Valerie, Resistor Standard, Tesla

MEP EP#48: I.O.H. Internet of Howitzers

Parker Dillmann |   |  Alexa is listening, Cherry Switches, Conference McConference Face, Dashboard Update, Flip-Pins, Howitzer, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Resistor Standard, UN Killer Robots, UV/Acid Trickery

MEP EP#47: Missing Audio

Parker Dillmann |   |  Jeep Radio, MacroFab, MEP, Missing Audio, Podcast, Resistor Standard