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MEP EP#38: Trey German Returns and Automatic Game Overs.

Parker Dillmann |   |  Icarus Trophy, Lots of images, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Polymorphic Labs, The Scariac, Trey German, Wirebonding

MEP EP#37: Banned Arduinos and Tuning Software By Ear

Parker Dillmann |   |  AD9833, Arduino, CCS811, IAQ-CORE, Macro Duino, MacroFab, MEP, O.A.T.B., Podcast

MEP EP#36: Cloud Net

Parker Dillmann |   |  AD9833, Arduino, AutoDesk, Bomb Shelter, ESLOV IoT, FT230X, IoT, Macro Duino, MacroFab, MEP, New Recording Studeo, Podcast

MEP EP#35: Surgical Synthesizers

Parker Dillmann |   |  CC2811, DaVinci Machine, Hot Wheel Capacitors, MacroDuino, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Silicon Labs, Snap chat, Spectacles, Thunderboard Sense

MEP EP#34: Ghost Hunting with Centex Paranormal

Parker Dillmann |   |  BME280, Centex Paranormal, EDI+, MacroFab, MakerBot, MEP, Michael Lyons, Podcast, Sensor Bee, Silicon Labs, STM32

MEP EP#33: The Macro Hour Mashup

Parker Dillmann |   |  BQ24075RGTT, Chris Gammell, EEweb, ESP32, ESP8266, Gammell-Tron, IMTS, MacroFab, MeowCad, MEP, Podcast, SSPS, The Amp Hour, USB Killer

MEP EP#32: Erroneous Enclosures of Enormous Energy

Parker Dillmann |   |  Brewing, Click bait Awesomeness, Engineering Podcast, Gainclone, LM1875, LM3875, MEP, Podcast, Sketchy Enclosures

MEP EP#31: Embedded Brewing with Arduinos

Parker Dillmann |   |  Another Semiconductor Buyout, Brewing, Eagle, Engineering Podcast, LattePanda, Macro Duino, MEP, Podcast, SI Units

MEP EP#30: You won’t believe this ONE WEIRD Engineering trick.

Parker Dillmann |   |  Bots, clickbait, Engineering Podcast, IoT, MEP, Podcast, SAIM, Selective Solder, SSPS

MEP EP#29: Modular Toilet Humor

Parker Dillmann |   |  Engineering, IoT, MEP, modular cellphones, Podcast, toilets