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MEP EP#50: The FX Development Board has landed!

Parker Dillmann |   |  Alexa Killswitch, Conference McConference Face, FX Dev Board, Its Gif not Jif...., MacroFab, MEP, Peeqo, Podcast, Space Echo, The Hertz Locker, The Thunder Ohm

MEP EP#49: Blinding LEDs and Bypass Capacitors of Another Kind.

Parker Dillmann |   |  Blinded by the light, bypass capacitors, Conference McConference Face, Gigafactory, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Poll for names, Razer's Project Valerie, Resistor Standard, Tesla

MEP EP#48: I.O.H. Internet of Howitzers

Parker Dillmann |   |  Alexa is listening, Cherry Switches, Conference McConference Face, Dashboard Update, Flip-Pins, Howitzer, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Resistor Standard, UN Killer Robots, UV/Acid Trickery

MEP EP#47: Missing Audio

Parker Dillmann |   |  Jeep Radio, MacroFab, MEP, Missing Audio, Podcast, Resistor Standard

MEP EP#46: First Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special

Parker Dillmann |   |  Josh, Kickstarter, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Star Wars, Star Wars Christmas Special

MEP EP#45: Zero Sum Resistor Arrays

Parker Dillmann |   |  Apollo 10, Bluetooth 5, Jeep Radio, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Resistor Standard, Samsung Battery, TDA7340S, Zero Ohm Resistor

MEP EP#44: Drive By DNA Destruction

Parker Dillmann |   |  Brewing, Jeep Radio, MacroFab, MEP, nuclear battery, Podcast, pre-compliance, TDA7340S, Tektronix, Tritium, USB cable fail

MEP EP#43: Jeep Radio Hacking with a side of Synth.

Parker Dillmann |   |  FX Dev Board, Homebrew, Jeep Radio, MacroFab, MEP, Open-V, Podcast, RISC-V

MEP EP#42: Two Brothers of MacroFab

Parker Dillmann |   |  Brandon Knight, Houston Maker Faire, Indiegogo, Internet of Farts, Justin Knight, MacroFab, MEP, Microventures, Podcast, Silly Mac's Harddrives are supposed to be removable, Two Brothers

MEP EP#41: Houston Maker Faire 2016

Parker Dillmann |   |  FX Dev Board, Hacker T-Shirts, Houston Maker Faire, LED Clock, MacroFab, MEP, Podcast, Samsung