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Cut Outs, Slots, Routes, and Border Files: Revisited

Parker Dillmann |   |  Border, cut outs, File, Gerber, MacroFab, Non Plated, pcb milling, Plated, Slots, Through Hole

The Footprint Files – Electrolytic Capacitors

Parker Dillmann |   |  Aluminum Electrolytic Capactiors, Axial, Electrolytic Capacitors, Engineering, Footprint Files, footprints, PTH, Radial, SMT

The Footprint Files – Diodes

Stephen Kraig |   |  anode, anode marked component, cathode, cathode marked component, Diodes, footprints, odd form diodes

Attaching your project to things. Mounting holes and what to watch out for.

Parker Dillmann |   |  Engineering, Fasteners, Mounting Holes, PCB Flex

Picking the Right Trace Width

Stephen Kraig |   |  Engineering, PCB Design, Trace Width


Adding external Part Libraries, DRCs, and CAM files to KiCad

Stephen Kraig |   | 

Using a Silicon Labs EFM8 IC for your hardware project

Parker Dillmann |   |  EFM8, Engineering, MCU, Microcontroller, Projects, Silicon Labs, Tag-Connect

Getting started with Tag-Connect on an AVR MCU

Parker Dillmann |   | 

Designing for Pogo Pin Programming Cables. An Intro to Tag-Connect

Parker Dillmann |   |  Engineering, PCB Design, Pogo Pins, Programming, Tag-Connect

Adding external Part Libraries, DRCs, and CAM files to Eagle

Parker Dillmann |   |  Eagle, EDA tools, GitHub, Libraries, Parts