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Red Hot PCB: FDR Design for Window Sensors

Iris Weeden |   |  argon or krypton gas retention, bluetooth communication, inductive charging coils, moisture ingress, pressure oscillations, UV irradiance

Red Hot PCB: Retroactive’s “64 Drive” Development Tool

Iris Weeden |   |  64 drive, Altera Cyclone IV FPGA, FTDI FT232H USB chip, Nintendo 64, nintendo 64 development tool

Red Hot PCB: OpenMV Anniversary Gift

Iris Weeden |   |  3.3v regulator, DFU bootloader, firmware, STM32F042

Red Hot PCB: Compressor Engineering’s Vent Flow Analysis Tool

Iris Weeden |   |  compressor parts and repair, pcb manufacturing usa, vent flow analysis, vent flow analysis tool

MacroFab Hardware & Electronics Engineering Meetup

Iris Weeden |   |  houston, macrofab meetup, mouser electronics

Red Hot PCB: Additive Robotics Motor Control

Iris Weeden |   |  actuation systems, AS5147, BLDC, brushless DC motors, educational robotics kits, L6235D013TR, MCP48FVB21, motor control, real-time embedded programming

Red Hot PCB: Fuzz Effects Pedals from FranaFX

Iris Weeden |   |  effects pedals, pcb assembly, PCB Electronics, pcb fabrication, PCB Manufacturing, red hot pcbs

Red Hot PCB of the Week: Bucknell University

Iris Weeden |   |  5v battery, 6v battery, cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, power domains

Red Hot PCB: Specdrums Drumstick

Iris Weeden |   |  pcb assembly, pcb assembly usa, PCB Electronics, PCB Manufacturing

AND!XOR DEFCON 25 Indie Badge

Abel Acuna |   |  DEFCON, IndieBadges, Kickstarter, PCB LOVE, PCBs, RedHotPCB