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Red Hot PCB: Mapping technology for indoor environments

Alex San Miguel |   |  3d models, bluetooth, cortex M4 microprocessor, innerspace,, machine learning, mapping technology, Nordic NRF52832 SoC chip, NRF52832, smartphone compatible sensors, spatial analytics, ultra wide band

Red Hot PCB: Microcontroller Powered Electonic Neuron Simulators

Alex San Miguel |   |  AtmelATtiny44A, Microcontroller, Neurobytes, NeuroScience, Neurotinkers

Red Hot PCB: UWB Radio Carrier

Alex San Miguel |   |  DWM1000 module, IMU, Inertial Measurement Unit, ultra wideband, uwb radio carrier, widefind

Red Hot PCB: IoT in the Oilfield

Iris Weeden |   |  IoT, manufacture PCB, oilfield technology, pcb assembly, pcb assembly usa

Red Hot PCB: Low-Noise Preamps for Signal Conditioning

Alex San Miguel |   |  signal conditioning

The Intersection of Hardware and Software in Electronics Manufacturing

Justin Knight |   |  electronics manufacturing, hardware and software integration

MacroFab Milestone – 1,000th Panel

Iris Weeden |   | 

Red Hot PCB: Smart Motion Control Products

Iris Weeden |   |  motion control products, stepper motor drives

Red Hot PCB: Passive ICs

Iris Weeden |   |  15-pin D-Sub connectors, BJT transistors, passive IC, phototransistor, Schmitt trigger inverters, stacked dual D-Sub socket

Red Hot PCB: Burning Man LED’s

Iris Weeden |   |  ATMEGA32U, FB 45 Series ABS Plastic Key Fob, LED, LED controller