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AND!XOR DEFCON 25 Indie Badge

AND!XOR DEFCON 25 Indie Badge

This week’s sizzling, red hot PCB goes to AND!XOR’s DEFCON 25 Indie Badge. Our friends over at AND!XOR teamed up to design and produce a super cool indie event badge for the upcoming DEFCON 25 conference is Las Vegas!

defcon-bender-badgeSo what is an indie event badge? Apparently, there’s a growing trend at DEFCON, the world’s largest annual hacking conference, for conference goers to design and manufacture their own custom badges.

Why custom badges? Based on my quick research on the topic, small teams choose to make custom badges to 1) show off their crew’s hardware and software skills, 2) to signal to other conference goers that they’re part of a select in-crowd, and 3) to connect with other conference goers who like their badge or who have the same badge (if part of a large crowdsourced project). It also seems like a fun, creative way to make the conference just a little more special!


When we saw these PCBs hit the manufacturing floor here at MacroFab, we knew they would be a huge hit. We reached out to the guys at AND!XOR to learn more about the project. That’s when we found out about their Kickstarter campaign. AND!XOR launched their campaign on Pi Day (3/14) and sold out of their 100 badges in just minutes!

Unfortunately, there will only be 100 or so of these floating around at DEFCON, so if you managed to snag one, consider yourself very lucky! In fact, only 100 out of 30,000 (0.33%) conference goers will have the badge. If you see one at DEFCON this year, be sure to say hi and spread the PCB love.

**Correction** An additional ~260 of these indie badges will be available for purchase at DEFCON. Follow AND!XOR on Twitter for the latest info.