COVID19 manufacturing update

A Message from our CEO Related to COVID-19

As the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues across the US and multiple areas have issued shelter-in-place orders, we wanted to provide an update for what this means for MacroFab and our ability to continue to serve you. Our overriding priority is the safety of our staff, and our ability to deliver our services in a consistent and reliable way.

MacroFab serves thousands of customers and much of our business comes from Critical Infrastructure sectors detailed in the DHS CISA guidelines, designating us an essential business as defined by every state and county order we have reviewed. In Q1 our available factory network capacity has grown by 47%. These factories are distributed across US, Canada and Mexico, allowing us to withstand any localized disruption. We have been in contact with all of the factories in our network and they plan to continue operations without disruptions.

Our non-essential staff has transitioned to working from home prior to the implementation of shelter-in-place orders and we have implemented strict social distancing and screening procedures in our HQ facilities, allowing us to continue to operate safely. MacroFab provides full health and sick leave benefits for all staff and we have encouraged our team to take care of themselves in this time of crisis.

The biggest impact on your orders will come in the form of longer than average lead times as we source components. Here’s the guidance we can provide for impact to lead times at this time:

For most new orders, bare PCB sourcing continues to be the largest contributor to lead times. Once the PCBs, components, and other necessary materials arrive at our factory in the US, our unique business model allows us to tap into dynamic factory capacity to carry out PCB assembly and fulfill orders as fast as possible.

  • For standard prototype orders less than ~100 units, the current PCB lead times have them arriving at MacroFab within 3 weeks (not including assembly time).
  • For standard production orders greater than ~100 units optimized for speed, the current PCB lead times have them arriving within 3-4 weeks. When optimizing for a lower price, these lead times increase to 5-7 weeks (not including assembly and testing time).
  • Custom rush PCB lead times remain in the 2-7 day range (not including assembly time).
  • Mechanical components lead times vary based on country of origin, with generally 3-4 weeks of additional time required.
  • Travel restrictions between the US and Mexico restrict the movement of personnel, but cargo shipments continue to transit across borders with some additional delays to clear customs.

We expect lead times to ease back to normal as COVID-19 related restrictions ease. We will continue to update the lead times seen in the platform with the latest information we have. For orders already in process, please reach out to our Customer Success team to get the latest lead time information related to your order. We have written a blog about manufacturing updates related to COVID-19, please follow that post for more information.



Best wishes,
Misha Govshteyn
CEO, MacroFab



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