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4 Essential Kickstarter Manufacturing Service Offerings

Kickstarter Manufacturing Done Right

As a successful Kickstarter creator, you’re going to need printed circuit board assembly or electronic product manufacturing, which can be a hugely overwhelming process. After all, the traditional approach to manufacturing was not designed for today’s creators like you. You may have experienced manufacturers who reject your prototype or small order. You may be waiting forever just to get a quote, and you’re likely facing the prospect of lead times that make you want to cry. If so, you aren’t alone. This experience is typical of the old guard in manufacturing. Fortunately, there are innovative companies that take an entirely different approach to Kickstarter manufacturing. They are designed to be agile, transparent, and cost-effective. Here are four service offerings you can expect from the right partner.


1. Instant, Online Quotes

Finding out how much your project will cost is pretty darn important, so insist on using a service that fills you in right away. You should be able to upload your design documents and Bill of Materials and have a quote in minutes. It should also be easy to view costs at different quantities so that you can make smart decisions about how much capital or sales you will need and what price makes sense for your product.


2. No Hassle Prototyping or Iterating

The prototyping and iteration phases are crucial to the product lifecycle. If you choose a modern Kickstarter manufacturing partner, they will be delighted to accept your prototype order and help you get the results you want. You should be able to get your prototype back in a matter of days, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.


3. Turn-Key Service

Who wants to do all their own parts sourcing and manage multiple vendors? Not you? We didn’t think so. Look for a partner that has their own sources for parts and who will take care of that for you. They should seamlessly handle the day-to-day management aspects of your project so that you can focus on your products, customers, and investors. You should also have visibility into the status of your project from anywhere, anytime.


4. Inventory Management and Fulfillment

Unless you want to get really good at fulfillment, you should choose a service provider that will house and manage your inventory and ship orders directly to your customers. Want to make it even easier? Find a partner with an API that lets you connect your e-commerce software with their fulfillment platform. Every time a customer places an order, it gets sent out automatically, and you never lift a finger.
As you look for the right manufacturing partner for your Kickstarter project, be sure to ask about each of these critical service offerings. Life is too short, business is too competitive, and your product is too cool to settle for anything less.