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3 Ways to Speed Up PCB Assembly Turnaround Time for Your Kickstarter Project

Despite a title encouraging speeding things up, actually kickstarting a Kickstarter can be a long, winding road. It requires a lot of time and patience. One of the biggest time sucks is waiting for your electronic parts to be manufactured. Nobody wants to sit around for weeks waiting on their PCBS to be assembled. Here are a few ways to get PCBs in your hands faster.

Instant, Online Quotes

You know you are dealing with a vendor that keeps it fast if they offer instant, online quotes. The last thing you want to do is deal with a long quoting process. These often involve endless back and forth phone calls or emails. Instant quotes online let you see the numbers you’re working with immediately. This lets you start letting you start the manufacturing process now not later.

Cloud-Based Manufacturing Platform

The PCB manufacturing process happens A LOT faster when it’s controlled by a technology platform. This stays by your project’s side from quote to delivery. Not only will you get your boards faster, but then you can see exactly what’s going on during any point of the entire process. The simpler the platform, the simpler the process. Therefore, the simpler it is to get your PCBs, stat.

Turn-Key Service

Choosing a service provider that takes care of part sourcing not only saves you money, but it also shortens your cycle times. Choosing somebody that offers seamless PCB fabrication eliminates the time it takes you to source parts, negotiate with suppliers, and ship to the fabricator.

All good things take time, however it can’t hurt to take a little less time with your Kickstarter project.