The Unified Design to Manufacture Experience

With one click ordering, Altimade combines best-in-class EDA tools from Altium with MacroFab's most advanced North American cloud manufacturing services.

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Macrofab, the industry-leading electronics cloud manufacturing platform, is excited to announce Altimade, through our partnership with Altium. Altimade provides users with an easy way to order PCBAs with one click, straight from Altium Designer without the need to export or upload design files. Access to this program is currently limited. Complete the form to request an invitation.

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Easier & Faster

Easier & Faster

Order PCBAs directly from the Altium platform

Better Quality Data

Better Quality Data

Realtime supply chain data to inform decisions

Get to Market Quickly

Get to Market Quickly

Stay on schedule and ahead of the competition


Make Changes, Get Quotes

Get quotes based on up-to-the-minute data and ensure necessary parts are in stock, eliminating needless revisions. Altimade connects the user to real-time supply chain data, leading to informed decisions that circumvent delays and keep costs in hand.


Order Prototypes with One Click

Move from design to manufacturing without needing to export and import files, and get rapid quotes and delivery estimates through the Altimade platform. All data remains connected in a single digital thread, providing no room for design misinterpretation. Transition to full production when the time is right, using MacroFab’s extensive manufacturing services.

Scalable North American Manufacturing Network

Digital Manufacturing Factory Network

MacroFab’s elastic manufacturing capacity means flexible scaling to meet variable demand. Because MacroFab works with an extensive factory network, both small and larger orders are handled with equal ease. Build closer to the end-user by accessing factories across Mexico, Canada, and the USA, shortening delivery costs and time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Apply for the Early-Access Program

*Please note that requesting an invitation does not guarantee access before the wide release and you may be placed on a wait list. Certain limitations apply to eligibility, including your current project timelines, Altium software version, and the total number of invitations available.